Thursday, January 31, 2008


There is no doubt that GDT is a perfect candidate for THE HOBBIT. Honestly, there are few directors out there that are a great fit for a project like this. Peter Jackson is an obvious choice, but he will be producing this time around. I’m guessing he is still suffering from the LORD OF THE RINGS hangover. Dude was working on those films for a loooong time. I might give Spielberg a chance - He is a master at special effects, and a great visual storyteller, but he has never shown a passion for fantasy films when you look at his project history. I really like GDT for this project.

If you get down to it, El Maestro has a passion for this kind of story telling; He has a passion for THIS story. And he proved with PAN’S LABYRINTH that he is ripe for an epic fantasy undertaking. This is a dream come true for any Del Toro fan, or any fan of fantasy films for that matter – it is a Perfect Storm: A virtuoso directing talent, a producing team that fosters artistic freedom, and one of the most famous and imaginative stories in the fantasy genre.

I know that many of you out there are thinking, “Hobbit? What the %#$?? What about Mountains, yo?” I hear you. GDT is long overdue for directing/writing a horror film – I consider “Mimic” his last horror film. But think of this as the next best thing – HOBBIT would be ATMOM’S budget and ATMOM’s scale…just without the…uh…ATMOM.

Heh. Ok, maybe that’s not a convincing argument.

But think of THE HOBBIT as a stepping stone to that great Antarctic city in the sky. I’m sure given the choice, GDT would make ATMOM tomorrow – but to make it right he needs the funds – you can’t half-ass a film like that. Its like baking a perfect apple pie – you get all the best ingredients, you take your time, you measure it out, you bake it slow, don’t rush it – then boom! You’ve made a pastry so good that Jason Biggs becomes romantically attached to it – which is what we all want, anyway, isn’t it?