Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Drood and Hater - Read'em now!

Want to know more about future GDT projects? Of course you do, and here's how you do it:

This prospective project is based on the Dan Simmons novel DROOD. You can buy it now at the DTF Store. This book is getting pretty good buzz and has been mentioned as his possible next project after THE HOBBIT (of course, so has ATMOM).

You can buy this David Moody novel at the DTF Store here. This adaptation will be produced by GDT and directed by Juan Antonio Bayona (The Orphanage).

Monday, February 2, 2009

Super Sunday: It's Boss Time!

I know there are a lot of international readers of this blog, not to mention a lot of readers who could care less about (American) football, but you'll have to indulge me today because I feel like writing about last night's Super Bowl.

For Americans, Super Bowl Sunday is becoming more and more a national holiday. I'm a sports nut and love American football, so I just love watching the game. For others (like my wife), its a chance to get together with friends, have a good time, watch some funny commercials, and chow down on unhealthy snack food.

One of my favorite parts of Super Sunday in particular is watching the new trailers for upcoming films, but I'll get to that in a second.

I'll spare you the details on the game - let's just say it was hard-hitting and exciting, with the Pittsburgh Steelers barely squeeking past the underdog Arizona Cardinals, 27-23. Also, you should know that The B0ss puts on a HELLUVA show - Flat. Out. Rocked. It was the best Super Bowl half-time show ever. I still can't get over watching Silvio from the Sopranos rocking out on guitar, either.

Okay, so the moment you've all been waitin' for - my Super Bowl trailer reviews:

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
Not much was seen here except for explosions, a couple of familiar faces, and some partially-obscured big-ass robots. Definitely a teaser. I had a great time at the first Transformers flick. Will I see this one? Yep. Did the trailer help me get fired up? Nope. It didn't show me anything new - Shockwave maybe? Constructicons? Hell, I didn't even get a decent look at Megan Fox, dammit!
Grade: C

G.I. Joe: The Rise of COBRA
If there is a Transformers and a G.I. Joe movie coming out, Hot Wheels and Gobots better not be far behind. Just kidding. I didn't get much from this other than "G.I. Joe is coming out, and it will have cool special effects." Could we POSSIBLY tease some plot in one of these commercials? Oh, that's right. There isn't any. Just explosions. I'll still see it though.
Grade: C

Star Trek
Damn skippy.
Grade: A.

Monsters vs. Aliens
This trailer was in 3D. I lucked into some free 3D glasses at the grocery story yesterday afternoon, so I was a stoked and ready to roll. Unfortunately it was the crappy dark lense/blue lense kind of 3D glasses, which makes the colors kind of goofy when you watch it. The 3D worked though, but there was only one cool effect - a guy bouncing a paddle ball at your face at the beginning. Still, I think the movie will be good - it looks funny in a kind of Monsters, Inc. sort of way. I hope the 3D is better in the theatrical version.
Grade: B+

Angels & Demons
I read the book and barely got through it - it was a little boring. Hope the movie is better. Seeing Ewan McGregor in the trailer bumped my interest a notch, so I'll give it an above average grade. I was sufficiently teased.
Grade: B-

Year One
This Jack Black/Michael Cera film showed potential. Seems like a "History of the World, Pt I" meets "Superbad." I can live with that. Plus it has stoning humor. Stoning is funny.
Grade: B

Land of the Lost
I can't believe I saw a damn Sleestak on television last night. I think I fainted.
Grade: Incomplete

The Fast & the Furious
Somebody tell Vin Diesel to stop making movies like this. Vin's a smart guy. He's like the new Sylvester Stallone - a guy who can write and direct smart movies, but continues to due mindless action films. Still, this trailer made the film look better than its earlier predecessors. And it has a Michelle Rodriguez in it. Oh, yeah.
Grade: C+

What the hell was that? Apparently I've been effectively teased.
Grade: A-

Race to Witch Mountain
I loved the old Disney Witch Mountain movies. Apparently these aren't like the old Witch Mountain movies. Why do these type of films always revolve around a blue collar guy in the wrong place at the wrong time. Ten bucks says The Rock says something like, "I should be home watching TV!" half-way through the movie. Booooo Disney! Oh, well - kids will probably love it. A ten year old should probably review this trailer. But since I don't have one with me:
Grade: D

Judge for yourself, you can watch all the trailers at Cinema Blend.