Wednesday, May 14, 2008

For Those Interested in Working on THE HOBBIT

I get a lot of email about wanting info on how to be an extra on THE HOBBIT, or asking how one can work on the production. So here's what you need to know - and I'm afraid it is not good news:

For one, if you are not a native New Zealander (Kiwi), you would need to get a work permit. For anyone specifically travelling to New Zealand to land a part as an extra, this will be very difficult to obtain.

Second, the vast majority of all positions will be filled by Kiwis. The country has a law requiring that non-citizens can only be hired if no Kiwi can be found to fill the position.

Finally, the Weta Workshop has very few jobs to offer, they have approximately 5,000 portfolios on file, and they receive 30-50 portfolios a week. In other words, if you want to get noticed for a position, you better be DAMN good.

There are a couple of links out there I will point you to for more information. The first is this blog entry by Kristin Thompson called, Working on The Hobbit: Harsh Realities for Non-Kiwis. It is a must-read if you are seriously considering traveling half-way across the globe to snag a part in the film, or just to work on it in some capacity.

The other link is the Weta Workshop Recruitment Page. It has some very good FAQ's and other information on applying for a job that you should read very carefully.

The three things that you need going for you to make it on as an extra is this: you have to be resident, you have to be at the right place at the right time, and you have to be very lucky. In some cases, locals could be hired on when shooting on location, but even then the word can get out and you could find yourself competing against thousands of others wanting to be a part of the production.

So think twice (and then think a third time) before you lay it on the line and travel to NZ to follow your dream of working on THE HOBBIT.


Ed Huber said...

What about the position of behind the scenes videographer? Will Michael Pellerin be producing the DVD and web material? Is there a way to apply for that position?

E. Kubinek said...

Lol,, why does every one want to be an Extra?

It would be amazing to work on the film in some capacity, hell it would be cool to be a coffee gopher on the set.

But every time I hear about people actually considering flying across the Pacific Ocean (which is like a $3,000. plane ticket) JUST on the HOPE of being an extra, I start giggling and it takes like 20 minutes to stop.


( I am sorry if I hurt any ones feelings or come off too snotty with that)

vsven said...

haha, yes, that would be cool... travelling the pacific to return empty handed... OW btw for me it's the over europe to china to NZ ;)

Matt B.A.M.J Lyons said...

i'm in australia right next door to NZ and it only cost's $300 to get there i've been acting for years and i think i'm qualified to get even the smallest of roles.

so it's crap that if a underqualified actor or "local" gets the spot just because he's a kiwi thats bull!

Anonymous said...

I'm an aussie too, and i think it's funny how easy it is for kiwis to get government benefits when they come to Australia and piss off back to NZ whenever they want. And I can't even be an extra, huh. Respect your generous neighbours NZ!

Anonymous said...

Well I'm a Kiwi so stoked that I can at least try to be on the movie.. also awesome as they only accept Kiwi's!!!

Loving it!! :D