Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Late Guillermo Del Toro Costume Ideas

Wow - I've only made three posts on my blog this month! I suck! Where has the time gone? Some of it has gone to building the new Hobbit Fan Portal Site, The Shire, from Del Toro Films. The rest has been work, work, work. Anyway...
Is there anybody out there looking for some last minute costume ideas for Halloween? Well, here are some easy last minute ideas from GDT's collection of films:

Jesus Gris from CRONOS: All you need is a gray hair wig, mustache, and a bow tie with a smart looking vest. Lastly a bandaged bloody hand and mysterious looking gold scarab prop.

The Blood Pack: How about getting a group of friends to dress as the "Blood Pack" from Blade 2? Just need some fake tattoos, black leather, and lots of chrome blades and weapons from the toy store!

Captain Vidal: The ultimate GDT villain - all you need is a similar military uniform from your local costume shop, some dark shades, gloves...and a stitched up left cheek for the ultimate effect! If you have a daughter, dress her up as Ofelia (although my guess is she would rather be Tinkerbell or Hannah Montana).

Liz from Hellboy 2: Not much needed for this one, ladies. A gun, a BPRD belt buckle, a cross necklace, and you can probably fill in the rest with a visit to your local Goodwill store.

Guillermo, himself: If you are a "rotund" guy, just get some round specs, a fake beard (or a real one), black shirt, black pants, black leather jacket, and a leather notebook and you're there! This would be a great tandem costume if you had a buddy dressed up as Hellboy!

For the record, I'm dressing as "Helo" Agathon from Battlestar Galactica. My wife is dressing as his Cylon wife, "Athena", which is appropriate because she is about 3 months preggers!

I'm having me a Cylon hybrid - SWEET.

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