Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A Mess of GDT Updates

Wow - today was a big morning - lots of news in the GDT camp. I thought I would compile it for everyone in the blog to make it easy on ya'


GDT: I'm working on [the Director's cut DVD]. I'm doing it. It's going to be as close to a director's cut as we can. We actually had a great experience the other day. We watched my original cuts, and we were like, "Oh my God, this is such a f--king different movie." ... We rescued it because I kept a copy at the right moment. I said, "In case it never happens, I'm going to distribute it at conventions.


GDT: I believe that very, very, very soon we're going to be announcing a very special Blu-ray edition of Cronos. And when you know who is doing it and how we're doing it, it will be more exciting. I cannot announce it properly, but we're doing a Blu-ray of Cronos, which is very exciting for me, because it's one of those movies that I think I want to revisit, retime, restructure the sound for the Blu-ray experience in a big way...


GDT: Part of the arrangement with Universal--in being essentially there for now until 2017--part of the arrangement was they would finance research and development for Mountains of Madness. And we are doing it. There are many technical tools in creating the monsters that don't exist, and we need to develop them. The creatures, Lovecraft's creatures, the tools that exist for CG and the materials that exist for makeup effects, you need to push them to get there and we're going to push them.

SPLICE (From ShockTilYouDrop)

"I met with Vincenzo for four hours this morning," says Del Toro "We went through the [recent] cut very carefully. I really came into that project because I admire Vincenzo. When I was reading it, I found it to be a really unique take on creatures. It's very seldom that you get a creature movie where they're willing to push the creature as a concept, to places that are uncomfortable to watch."

Brody and Polley spawn a female creature (pictured) after tinkering with human and animal DNA. But like Frankenstein's creation, their experiment becomes hard to control. "Sexuality is one of the many aspects of it. It's also not human, morally," Del Toro chuckles. "The choices of the creature are choices that don't have any human correlation. You might find a cat cuddly, but a cat is still going to scratch you whenever the f**k he wants. It's the same with this creature. Vincenzo is doing some really smart stuff. I really love what he's doing and it's the thinking man's creature movie."

HATER (From ShockTilYouDrop)

In spite of the rather old school aesthetic Bayona brought to Orphanage, Del Toro felt he was a perfect fit for this film which goes for the throat. "What is funny is when we talked about Hater and I told him what the final scene will be - it's an incredibly movie final scene that's not in the book - he said, I want to do it. Because it's a very contemporary movie, perhaps less so after the election, because I feel a huge breath of relief, but it's becoming very easy to hate. And what I love about the premise is that there is a righteousness. It's not a viral situation, not a contagion, it's a situation of a social disease. That we can road rage into murdering someone at any second. That it's a social epidemic is what attracted me. It's not a zombie movie. The people that kill the people can rationalize why they did it. That's what is scary about it."

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