Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Doug Jones - The Gift

A wonderful gift indeed.

I got the chance to attend an "event" with Doug Jones at Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana. I say "event" in parenthesis because I'm unsure how to classify it - it was kind of a one-man-show-monologue entitled "Identity: The Man Behind the Mask".

Doug essentially gave a lecture on who he is as an actor, how he got to where he is today, and most importantly, how he found his identity. It was more like a performance than a lecture, and I thought Doug did a great job. The audience was really focused on every word - Doug has a great stage presence. He's funny and very likeable (as we all know) and I was surprised how introspective his story was. I was expecting more of a technical lecture on being an actor in Hollywood, but this was about a man finding himself, and I thought Doug had some interesting things to say. He started with his life as sort of an outcast goofy teenager, and went on to cover his "mime" period at Ball State, his first job as a salesman, his big break doing Mac Tonight! commercials, and finally his work with Guillermo Del Toro. I think Doug has done this kind of event before, so if you're lucky you'll get a chance to see it someday - I highly recommend it.

Below is a special treat - this was Doug's "finale" - a mime performance piece called "The Gift". I think it sums up well how Doug views his life at the moment, and how he gets the motivation to do what he does - which is act, travel, travel, act, sit through intense make-up sessions, and repeat. It is clear that you fans out there are what keep him going - so keep up the great support for Doug. THERE'S LOVE!

And now...The Gift:


Helen Chavez said...

It's not often you'll see Dougie do miming, but this ... this was beautiful. Just so heartwarming, and sooo Doug. Thank you for a wonderful blog entry and the video, Parker. it is a joy.


Magali Girard said...

The Gift was so touching. I was tearing up. For real ! Haha. I'm too emotional.

You are all so lucky you got to meet him. God knows if I ever will.

Katelyn said...

I couldn't agree more with your opening, it was a gift. Doug is an amazingly generous man, I really admire him. I came from central ohio to see that lecture (ok, I was visiting Ball State ANYWAY I just made sure it was that day).
glad you got the whole scene-my camera died about a minute into it. Very touching piece-and very true

Carlos (el de los diminutivos ;-) said...

I envy you Parker. What an exciting and moving experience must have been to enjoy that show with such a gifted and lovely actor and human being. That piece you so kindly has shared with us is really beautiful and the music selected for that (John Barry's "Somewhere in Time")is absolutely perfect.
Thank you a lot for this gift ;-)

Kate said...

That's beautiful Parker - thanks for posting it. Sounds like a wonderful evening.

Helen Chavez said...

And, of course, 'Somewhere in Time' is one of Doug's favourite films.

I can't watch this without tearing up, dagnabbit.


gdeo said...

wow that was beautiful...thanks for that Parker...theris much love for dougie!;)

Anonymous said...

I just love this video. Not only are you an amazing mime, but you can also take an already beautiful story, and make it even better. A story can be good, but it needs a special something to truly bring it to life, and you have brought this story to life. Amazing!
-NerdGirl_MCF (on Twitter)