Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Hobbit: How Will It Start?

A friend and I talked yesterday about how we thought The Hobbit would start. You know, after the curtain opens and you sit through the 10-15 minutes of coming soon trailers - what will we see?

Personally, I think the first several minutes of FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING might be the best movie opening of all time. At the very least Top 5.

Do you think that THE HOBBIT might open in a similar manner - perhaps a combination of flashback (history of Middle Earth before the Ring) and maybe even a flash forward (the destruction of the Ring)?

Personally, I would love to see this - it would set the epic scale of the film perfectly.


Anonymous said...

Maybe it will start with the old Bilbo (Ian Holm) in the Grey Havens, telling to Frodo how it all started.

Ron said...

thats what i was thinking too although i think it will be in the shire with a not-so-old bilbo, and possibly a pre-adventure frodo. a good way to bridge the films and give ian holm and elijah wood a chance to reprise their roles.

Raúl said...

Bree: Gandalf and Thorin devising a plan to rid the threat of Smaug. Gandalf knows the right burglar...
Bag End: Then we met Bilbo maybe sitting at his door.