Friday, April 10, 2009

A Sympathetic Rasputin

There is a moment in HELLBOY that occurs right before Kroenen murders Prof. Broom - Rasputin says, "It will be quick."

This a wonderful example of giving a character an added dimension - it is too easy to paint a villain just one color. Adding just the slightest evidence of a moral compass, no matter how askew, makes a character all the more interesting.

As it were, GDT's original script called for a different response-


I am ready.


Good. Now, I'll add two crumbs more:

(Kroenen displays his


Grief and revenge...

Kroenen's knife goes in.

I wonder what inspired the change?


LobsterJustin said...

It's anyones guess, but I think that the change occured because that dialogue almost goes without saying. Of course HB will grieve, of course he will wish revenge. And I think Rasputin would know that. So instead you have Rasputin acknowldge the part Broom has played. You have been the father, you have raised him to the man, you have protected him, so for that you will have a quick death.

Mr. Alexander said...

I think Rasputin in both the comics and the movie does have that slight sympathetic edge to him, because he honestly thinks he's doing the right thing. He's not after power, or revenge against the world like some cackling mad scientist; he literally thinks that the Ogdru Jahad burning the entire Earth is a necessary step towards paradise. He's an earnest fanatic of a very destructive religion, rather than a one-dimensionally wicked man.