Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Professor Guillermo

Did you know that Guillermo helped create the film school at the University of Guadalajara? Check out this excerpt from an interview with SLANT back in May of 2009.
GDT: But I went to school in Guadalajara, but it was a very small film school that we created. It became the film school of the university—but we created it. There was no film school in Guadalajara as a kid, so we said "let's make one" and eventually the university formalized it.

Slant: Were you teaching there for a while?

GDT: The first year I was learning, the second year I was teaching.

Slant: Did you like being a professor?

GDT: Yeah, I'd actually love to teach again. I really enjoy that process.
So there you go - you're little GDT fun fact for the day.

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