Wednesday, December 23, 2009

PAN'S LABYRINTH one of the best of the decade

As 2009 comes to a close, I've noticed that PAN'S LABYRINTH has popped up on a few "Best Films of the Decade" lists.

In fact, just named PAN'S LABYRINTH the overall top movie of the decade based on a score of theatrical reviews.

It also got a shout out in the NJ Star-Ledger. Metronews Canada called it "one of the decade's most amazing movies."

The best quote comes from Lucy Jones of the Telegraph, who said "I walked out of Pan's Labyrinth feeling like a piece of gum on a frozen pavement. Spat out by a serial killer." She ranks the scene with Ofelia in the Pale Man's lair as the #9 Scene of the Decade.

It is great to see that the film is sticking with people. This is evidence that it will remain as an all-time classic.

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Anonymous said...

It also appears (though without a specific number) in Roger Ebert's films of the decade list.