Tuesday, January 19, 2010

No Maguire for THE HOBBIT

I'm amazed at how internet rumors get started. Remember that old game in school where you would line up and whisper in a classmate's ear, then they would whisper in their neighbor's ear and so on and so on until the kid at the end would have a totally different message?

That's basically what happens on the internet.

Joe Schmoe: "Hey, did you hear that Spider-man 4 is dead? I hope Maguire does THE HOBBIT!"

Jane Schmoe: "Maguire is doing THE HOBBIT? Can't wait to tell everyone on Facebook"

British Gossip Mag: "Sources say Toby Maguire will play Bilbo in THE HOBBIT"

Yikes. I bet Guillermo and PJ love addressing these rumors to info-starved fans (sarcasm alert).

Well - GDT and PJ have spoken - no Maguire for THE HOBBIT. Tell us something we didn't already know.

Even though I am webmaster here at DelToroFilms.com - I often don't have much inside information. It takes work to pursue leads and get quotes from sources to be accurate. either that, or you need a vast network of spies (like TORN).

Sadly, I have too many irons in the fire to be that dedicated - family man, own my own business, work full-time in computers, etc. So I rely on my main resource (Guillermo) and other internet sites for information. But it is easy to find the good news from the bad. Just check the sources on any story. If it doesn't have a valid source, and I can't get Guillermo to confirm, I usually won't print it here. Occassionally something slips through - but I would rather miss a story than post something inaccurate.

Rumors can be fun, though. Which is why I encourage everyone to discuss as many rumors as you like on our message boards.

So lets start a new rumor - what would be a good one? How about "DelToroFilms webmaster earns role in HOBBIT, will play puking dwarf in cameo".

Yeah - I like that one.

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gdeo said...

I thought that role was mine...Harry Knowles at Ain't it cool email PJ and GdT and they both confirmed it as no...see i am here to do your leg work!!!