Wednesday, July 28, 2010

GDT at SDCC: In Summary

Yeesh - I wish had more time to get some blogging in - but better late than never.

I just wanted to quickly summarize a lot of the GDT news that came out of SDCC for the "casual" observer.

It got an R rating for "pervasive scariness", which Guillermo took as a badge of honor. They were going for a PG-13 rating, but got the R just out of scariness alone - no gore, sex or cursing. Apparently the scares did the trick - it was one of the more popular panels at SDCC and the buzz on Twitter was that people jumped in their seats during the clips.

Doug is still in the driver's seat to play the monster, and they are doing make-up tests very, very soon. GDT has said that Bernie Wrightson's drawings are the inspiration for the creature, and of course, he was brought in for the creature design. Also of note is that GDT said the film's colors will be very CLOSE to black & white - I'm very curious how that will look.

GDT's Gus Grimley stop motion PINOCCHIO project is under development and actively being worked on.

The DOUBLE DARE YOU production label that GDT formed with Disney to create scary animated films fell through, apparently because of THE HOBBIT delays.

The biggest news is GDT's involvement with Disney on THE HAUNTED MANSION, a film based on Disney's famous theme park ride. Guillermo will write the script with Matthew Robbins and produce, but not likely to direct. His goal is to make a fun, scary family experience in 3D, much like the ride itself.

Finally - what will Guillermo's next directing project be? We know for sure it is a HORROR film, and it is a "known" commodity.

FRANKENSTEIN still seems like a long shot. The project has to be ready to go by May, and I don't think there is a script yet. Still, GDT has been hesitant to comment on this project...moreso than usual.

DR. STRANGE has been rumored on the internet, but I don't think that would fall in the HORROR category. Sorry, don't think that is happening.

Could we finally see AT THE MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS? Maybe - that would be a major coupe, but something tells me that the studios aren't ready to commit to that one.

GDT says this is a project that he started years ago, and it has finally come full circle. Could it be the MEPHISTO'S BRIDGE project (based on the novel SPANKY)?

Don't know for sure - I think this new directing project will be well recognized, whatever it is. Can't wait to find out.

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