Thursday, May 14, 2009

Get THE STRAIN on the web

Have you seen the official website for THE STRAIN?

Seriously, how cool is that? It almost feels like there is a new Guillermo Del Toro movie coming out, doesn't it?

Not just a GDT movie, but a GDT HORROR movie.

When's the last time we could say that? Answer: 2002 with BLADE 2. Seven years ago.

I've read the book, but I'm keeping my review in my back pocket for now. Let me just say this - reading a GDT story in a book is much different than watching a GDT movie on film.

First of all, there are things in this book that would never make it on film. The studios would never go for it. I have two specific moments in mind, but I won't spoil them for you. But think of this artform as GDT "unleashed."

Second, the advantage of reading a book is that it can literally put you inside a character's head. You can hear his thoughts and feel his emotions. Now imagine what those thoughts and feelings might be if the character is being violated by a vampire. This book puts you there, and it's not pleasant. The term"violated" is not strong enough to describe it.

For these two reasons alone, I love GDT's choice to put this story in a trilogy of books - I actually like it better than his original vision of a TV series.

He and Chuck Hogan will take you places that you could never go on film. And that's a good thing.

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