Friday, May 15, 2009

Meditations on a Friday

I'm kind of giddy today - not sure why. Maybe because it is Friday...or maybe its because I'm working on putting together something cool for you GDT fans out there. I make no promises - let's just keep our fingers crossed, shall we?

I realized today that with the marketing buzz for THE STRAIN finally starting to hit the general public - book tours, the official website, etc. - I'm actually getting excited AGAIN over the book. And I've already read it.

I was sitting on my couch last night, typing out some emails on my laptop, going over some of THE STRAIN news items you awesome fans out there forward to me, and I realized I needed to read it again - you know, to get all the little details I missed the first time.

I'll have to wait though - my wife snagged it. Maybe I should get her to post a review...

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