Friday, July 24, 2009

Hobbiton Construction

TORN posted some great pictures of the work being done on Hobbiton. I asked GDT for some details and this is what he said:

Mata Mata is the place where HOBBITON is being constructed. I've been there and laid out a few new Hobbit holes but 99% we are just REPRODUCING what was there for the Trilogy. Its monitored every week from my office and then, as the work progresses Ill start travelling there.


jekkvalle said...

I used to live near there and I went on the Hobbiton tour too.
*sigh* i miss new zealand

Lisa said...

Nice to see they're going to use the same sets as the trilogy.
Can't wait for this film!

Anonymous said...

Did they start already with the construction!? Man! I have to see it! I'm so close to Mata Mata (two hours).. I went to Port Waikato to check out and I couldn't go to Mata Mata. I hope I can do it soon.

I really love Del Toro's films.