Monday, August 10, 2009

JULIA'S EYES and other things

I was very happy to see Guillermo will be producing another Spanish language thriller, JULIA'S EYES. He struck gold with THE ORPHANAGE, which was a wonderful and sad ghost story, so let's hope that it happens again. Bringing ORPHANAGE star Belen Rueda back again is a great omen.

I'm excited that I will be picking up my brand spanking new laptop today. For a computer geek such as myself, this is a big event! I finally will be stepping away from my desktop and going fully mobile about the house! This should allow me to send the occassional tweet while I watch the kids. It has been really tough lately to find the time to even do that.

Some of you may be wondering what happened this weekend with the Wizard World Convention in Chicago. I was very excited to attend and meet up with some fellow DTF'ers and get to see Doug Jones and Luke Goss. Sadly, my cousin passed away last week unexpectedly and I had to cancel my trip to attend the funeral. So what was supposed to be a highlight of my year turned into a lowlight. My cousin was only 22 years old and died in his sleep. As I write this, we still don't know why. Very, very sad - I was heart broken for his parents and sisters.

I think it part of the grieving process to meditate on death and what it means to die. I thought about it quite a bit this week. I recommend to readers here to revisit some of Guillermo's thoughts on death - they are quite interesting.


Löst Jimmy said...

Laptops are truly liberating!

gdeo said...

sorry for your loss,my friend.
all my prayers and condolences to you and your family

Kusanivy said...

Oh Parker - I'm so sorry to hear that... it's always horrible to lose a loved one but all the worse when it is someone so young and so unexpectedly.

Like Gary said - my thoughts are with you and your family. :(

abe-kroenen said...

So sorry to hear that. You have my condolences. And thank you, also, for the link back to GDT's thoughts on both death and the paranormal. Very interesting and very touching.