Friday, February 8, 2008

Johann and Jules Verne

GDT has said that the inspiration for Johann's suit in HELLBOY II is from Jules Verne, so I thought I might share some pictures from the web of Verne-inspired art and illustrations so you can see how they compare.

Here is our HELLBOY II Johann:

And here is a painting by watercolorist Milo Winter (1888-1956). This painting first appeared in a 1922 juvenile edition of 20,000 LEAGUES, published by Rand McNally & Company.

Next is some original concept art from Disney's 20,000 LEAGUES movie starring Kirk Douglas. And here is Disney movie poster: And a helmet from the movie itself:

And if you want to see something really cool, check out this site, where a guy built a working version of the Nautilus suit!!

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Jimmy said...

Johann is one of the coolest characters in the whole BPRD universe. And as for the Golden Army suit - Wunderbar!