Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Waiting For An Original

GDT was kind enough to answer one of my questions on the Hellboy 2 message board yesterday. It was a question I've been wanting to ask for some time. Here it is:

I know a lot of the projects you have been looking at have been adapted works (Mountains, The Witches, 3993, The Hobbit). I was wondering if you have any more aces up your sleeve in the way of original GDT screenplays that you think could see the light of day, maybe through Cha Cha Cha or Tequila Gang?

And here is his response:

I love "those" scripts too- but they "come out" after long gestations. I was fortunate enough to have had DEVILS BACKBONE for YEARS before shooting it. And fortunate enough that PL percolated JUST in time to pop out when it did- but as of now the few scripts that Im percolating in that zone (I wont add/repeat the names in order not to confuse or clutter the "to do" list, but there are several) gain a bit every day. 3993 is the one that is in Sergio's hands- it is unlikely he will ge to it soon, if ever, since after THE ORPHANAGE he has moved on to direct himself. Im OK with that, I have other stuff that has been with me for years, including one that seems to be gaining on the others and that is quite in the vein of CRONOS, DBB and PL. More on it after I finally pen it.

Until then, I remain,Yr Ovt. St


PD that script would be done 100% through CHACHACHA

This was kind of an obvious question - OF COURSE he has some original scripts that he's thinking about. But I was also fishing for some info on how far away he might be from making one. You see, if GDT does the HOBBIT, that is a two movie commitment. I would assume they would be filmed at the same time, but that will take, let's say, at the very least, three years to complete. At the most five. So it could be some time before we see an original GDT work. Not that I'm complaining - I'm really enjoying his pattern of alternating between studio and "personal" works. But it is GREAT to know that he has some ideas "percolating". Looking forward to hearing more.

As a side note, notice what he said about 3993. That could be a dead project now, so it sounds like that is off of the "to do" list. But one thing at a time - let's see how these next weeks or months unfold and by then we can hopefully talk about what is up next.

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Jimmy said...

Parker this is a very interesting reply from The Master

I for one was always wanting to see the 3993 project materialise - given the evolution through Backbone and Pan it would be something amazing. But if it's off the list (for now) then knowing that there are a host of exciting "percolating" plans right ahead I can live with that.