Monday, June 2, 2008

Chet Zar and The Golden Army

The wonderful Doctor A from the DTF and Hellboy message boards noticed something - that some of the creature designs from Hellboy 2 look like the works of Chet Zar. GDT later confirmed Zar's participation:

Chet is indeed a key sculptor at SPECTRAL MOTION and he designed the CHAMBERLAIN
entirely. I am the proud owner of a few Chet paintings and I admire him greatly.
Cathedral head was designed by me and modified by Mignola and then sculpted by
Chet- you'll get the full story in the ART of book!
Here are the designs GDT is referring to - The Chamberlain and Cathedral Head, respectively:

Not really familiar with Chet's work, and getting such positive reviews from the gentlemen above, I hit the internet to explore and I have been fascinated by Chet's work. I'm intrigued of how some of his dark works have a goofy, whimsical nature to them. Anyway, here are some recommended links for you to explore on your own, and a couple of works that I thought were pretty cool:


Doktor A. said...

Chet is (as the young people say these days) "The Man".
Its great to see his paintings coming to life.

BTW he has his first UK show opening in London on Friday 13th June at the Strychnine gallery.

Anonymous said...

Did you ever read Chet's interview on the Myartspace Blog? You should be able to find it at