Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Ideas For a Hellboy Party

Its getting very close to the Hellboy 2 premiere!! Can't wait to see it - even though I'm biased (is running a GDT fansite considered "bias"? Really?) this movie looks like it will be a blast. I'm going to have a party this weekend with some friends who have never seen the first movie - this will be their first introduction to Hellboy. I encourage everyone to do the same! If you have any pictures of your party, send them to me and I will post them for the fan community to see. You can email me at parker @

So do you need some ideas for your party? Well here you go:


A screening of the first Hellboy movie is an absolute requirement! Make sure you convince (or con) your buddy with the big screen TV and surround sound system to host the party.


I prefer to serve true Hellboy food for my guests - Nachos and Baby Ruth bars. Bonus points for any guest who dips their candy bar IN the nacho cheese when they eat it. Chili is also acceptable, or if you are feeling really crazy, huge pancakes - at least 2 feet in diameter. Don't forget the Bud Light. After dinner cigars optional.

  • Costume contest. I recommend giving a "most obscure" award. My recommendation is to go as Agent Clay, complete with ear piece and hair plugs

  • Trivia contest. Here's a good one to use.

  • Six Degrees of Hellboy - you know the game. Only instead of Kevin Bacon, use Ron Perlman.

Attending the Premiere

If you are planning a big night on the town to attend a premiere on July 11th, be sure to go all out in full costume. If no costume, I recommend wearing the official DTF T-Shirt. If you are over 21, hit a couple of bars and order up some Bud Light.

Last, but not least, dig up a corpse somewhere and speak to him in Russian.


E. Kubinek said...

I would LOVE to through a party like this, but alas, One of my best friends b-days is this weekend, and here is is considered rude to plan a party on the same weekend.

But if I did a party like this, it would also involve going to our local haunted bar (where people see a creepy old man standing looking at them from afar in the corner of their vision, but look and he is gone),, and then maybe off to one of the local spooky spots, Like the Paulding MI ghost light, or the haunted Ruin of a mansion called Summer's Wind in Land-O-Lakes.

But I imagine all the REALLY good places like that in LA could find you arrested for trespass. seriously injured, or killed.

Lost Jimmy said...

I do like Baby Ruth bars, a lot. Can't get them here but I have sought them when over Stateside. The places I've been to buy them you would not believe.

By the way your hair is filling in nicely Clay.