Thursday, June 19, 2008

We've Seen The Tooth Fairies Before

Here is a little unknown fact for you "casual" GDT fans out there - have you noticed the swarming, nasty, sharp toothed fairies in the Hellboy 2 trailer? Those are tooth fairies - mean little buggers. Come in swarms. Well, this is an idea that GDT has had for some time!

In 2004, Dark Horse published a collection of Hellboy short stories called Hellboy: Odder Jobs. (This was a sequel to a previous publication called Hellboy: Odd Jobs). Anyway, the Odder Jobs collection included stories by Frank Darabont, Tim Lebbon, James A. Moore, and others. Also featured was a Hellboy short story written by Guillermo, and it was about Hellboy's first encounter with tooth fairies!

So if you want a good "prequel" read in preparation for Hellboy 2, check it out. You can click the link below to buy it at the DTF Store.


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Lost Jimmy said...

The movie release is so close I can hardly contain myself.......I know I know I'm old enough to know better there's no such thing as fairies right?