Thursday, July 17, 2008

A Cool Hellboy Tattoo

Hi everyone! Sorry it has been so long since I posted. I've been sick with the flu. I'm back up to speed now so I thought I would post something quick. Below is Mignola's concept art from the "game board" in the Angel of Death's lair. It depicts Hellboy's destiny regarding the End of Days:

Does anybody else think this would be a cool tattoo? I don't have any myself, and don't plan on getting any (my obsessive indecisiveness being the reason), but this seems to lend itself well to a really cool arm or ankle tattoo.


Dave in Rhode Island said...

I also am a hopeless procrastinator who harbors a secret desire to mix blood with ink. That said, this looks like an excellent tatoo choice.

Löst Jimmy said...

The art would make an upper arm tattoo of extraordinary magnitude!
I'm very much like you regarding indecisiveness, a tattoo choice would change every few months!

E. Kubinek said...


so creepy, that is the FIRST thing that came to mind the moment I saw that when they posted it on the production site!!!

And I have like 9 tattoos - all with mythical or astrological themes, so it would fit in a weird way.

I got the art book,
And I am in LOVE with the cup of fire game piece that is meant to signify Liz.
(the entire board design is amazing - and would be great for tattoos)

I was also considering the floating cloaked corpse holding an hour glass (it is in the first couple pages of the 1st HB library edition).

When I showed a friend the HB / serpent pic in suggestion as a tattoo, his first suggestion was "That would be the coolest "tramp stamp" EVER!!!".


Lilitu said...

I thought the same thing and I'm gonna to do it soon!!! I already have a Hellboy's tattoo but I need another one!!!