Thursday, July 31, 2008

Guillermo's Rune Alphabet

In a recent article about the HELLBOY II ARG, ARGNet has posted Guillermo's Rune Alphabet that was "spread throughout the entire underworld in Hellboy II". The translator below was to be released during the HELLBOY II ARG, but was never needed since gamers were able to break the code without help.

This should be a fun little item to use - an "ancient" alphabet created by Guillermo himself. Bonus points to anyone that uses them in a tattoo (Geez, I've been obsessed with tattoos lately.)

1 comment:

E. Kubinek said...

hrmmm... it IS a lot cooler looking than Theban, for Futhark.

So, would it be COOL to just get a HBII tattoo sleeve done?
Or really lame and creepy?
Cause truth be told - there is SO much wonderful stuff in the making of book - it could be done rather easily, although costly...