Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Doug Jones is 'Skin & Bones'

On Thursday, July 31, our pal Doug Jones is starring in Skin & Bones an episode of the NBC horror show FEAR ITSELF.

Here is a description of the show's plot from an article in Fangoria magazine: " focuses on Grady, a rancher who returns to his horse farm after a week lost in the surrounding mountains. His emaciated appearance is startling enough, but his loved ones soon discover that what now resides inside him is far worse.."

I have never watched this show, but I'm excited to see Doug carry a horror story - it sounds great. Director Larry Fessenden spoke very highly of Doug's performance, saying, "He is so spectacular, it’s really remarkable and I believe it’ll be remembered as an iconic episode, and this little minifilm of Doug’s performance."

So be sure to watch tomorrow, support Doug, and let us know what you thought of Skin & Bones.


Raiminiano said...

Well, I watched this little story from “Fear Itself” (Also the weak “Spooked” by my admired Brad Anderson and the much better “Eater”- with a certain link with “Skin & Bones” - by the underrated Stuart Gordon) two days ago and I’d say is my favourite of the three. That unsettling western-like setting, the loneliness of that location near the savage mountains during a stormy weather works really well. Think about “John Carpenter’s The Thing” or the much closer, even thematically, “Ravenous”. And Doug Jones is great with his very creepy and menacing presence and with not too much make-up this time, I’d say.
It’s curious the director, Larry Fessenden (who had a little role in the terrific “Session 9” from the aforementioned Brad Anderson), has worked with two of the main fetish (I’m not sure if this adjetive means exactly the same in english than in spanish) Del Toro actors, with Doug in this case and with Ron in “The Last Winter”. Just coincidence? BTW, there is also in that filmmaker filmography one title apparently related to this sort of episode. Maybe is he obsessed with that legendary subject I prefer not to mention directly?

Parker said...


Doug told me that Fessenden had contacted Guillermo personally to ask him what he thought of casting Doug Jones for the part. Fessendend and Guillermo know each other, so you're right - its probably more than a coincidence :)