Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Hi, everyone. As many of you know, I made the trip to Muncie, Indiana, on July 27th to meet Doug Jones on the set of his new film, MY NAME IS JERRY. I had a great time - Doug was wonderful and was gracious with his time and allowed me to ask A LOT of questions. I will have a full report at some point, but it will take me quite awhile to go through all my taped conversations, as I not only spoke with Doug, but I spoke with cast and crew. I also took a few pictures.

But I know many of you have some questions you are dying to ask, so here we go - DOUGIE FAQ'S!

What was it like to meet Doug?

A real trip - the man is a goofball. A very friendly, outgoing goofball who makes you feel like an instant friend. I first saw him on set while they were putting down the marks for a scene, and he walked over and gave me a big hug. Later, before I really got to sit down with him, he was striking a silly pose in his wardrobe for the scene - a snappy business suit and tie. Its obvious the crew loves him - he is not just approachable, but he often approached THEM, which caught some of the young students off guard (My Name is Jerry is an immersion study/work project with Ball State University). Doug is also very sincere and passionate about his work - especially MY NAME IS JERRY, which he has often called his "dream project." He is very grateful for his chance to be a leading man in a film - and he feels the pressure a bit and is working really hard to give his best performance. When I finally sat down with Doug, we had a chat for what felt about 30 to 4o minutes or so, and he was funny, enthusiastic, down-to-earth, warm, intelligent, caring, and goofy. I can tell you that he loves his fans, and he loves meeting them at the many conventions that he attends. When my meeting with him was finished, it felt like I made a new friend - and its a great feeling to have someone you respect return the favor.


My Name is Jerry is an independent film starring Dougie that is being produced by the College of Fine Arts at Ball State University, the Institute for Digital Entertainment and Education, and Clothespin Films, LLC. Doug plays a forty-something door-to-door salesman ("Jerry") who, in the midst of a mid-life crisis, finds excitement when he meets Jordan, an engaging young punk rocker. The comedy/drama centers around Doug's encounter with the punk world and his reconciliation with his daughter, who hasn't seen him in nearly 10 years. What is truly special about this production is A) Doug gets to step out from the makeup and prosthetics and carry a film as the lead actor and B) The production is an immersion project with Ball State students, who work on set with professionals to learn the ins and outs of the film business. Part "B" is very important to Doug and the producers (Bruce Economou and Rodger Smith), as it is giving young men and women a real jump start towards their dreams to work in the film industry.

Did you get to see Doug dressed up in "Punk" wardrobe?

Unfortunately, no. He was doing a scene at the office - but perhaps this production still will work for now:

It may take me several weeks to transcribe my interviews, but I promise you will really enjoy my set report when it is published. Doug talked about all the stuff you love to hear about - Guillermo, the Silver Surfer, Frankenstein, The Hobbit, his fans, etc.. Be patient!!!


Helen Chavez said...

Patient?? PATIENT??? Jeez, Parker - you're asking a LOT. Gimmee a heads-up when it's ready and I'll put up a link on Dougie's site.

jack o'lantern said...

thanks for the information, Parker but it's difficult to be patient!

gdeo said...

very cool parker...cannot wait

E. Kubinek said...

That black and white pic instantly made me think "Smiths and Bauhaus Fan" .

Looking forward to the full transcript Parker!

Very cool beans

cat said...

hey! I'm the girl in the black and white pic... i was a "punk" extra for the film. Doug really is a great guy.
Did you happen to see the premiere showing in muncie?