Monday, April 7, 2008

Add a New Show To The List

My time is very precious these days. Having an 8-to-5 job, plus 45 minute commute each way eats into my time. And no, my job is not running (I wish it was - imagine the DTF news coverage you fans would get then! Actually, screw you guys, imagine all the perks I would get!). Plus, I have a very demanding, very active, very mischevious one-year-old boy. Add to all that my affection for sleepy time, my window for video and literary entertainment is pretty thin. I have a stack of books on my must-read list (and comics), and I have a large queue of television shows waiting in my DVR (the poor man's Tivo).

Well, add another one to the list. My wife ordered "Dexter" on Netflix, despite my protests. You see, EVERYONE says how good this show is. It is racking up rewards. And the had me hooked before I even watched a show - a forensic expert (blood splatter expert, to be specific) is also a serial killer, and hunts down the evil people that slip through the cracks of Miami's justice system. Since it also stars Michael C. Hall (Six Feet Under), I was sold before I even saw the first episode.

So I watched it last night, and just as expected, I am hooked.

It is completely original, dark, and doesn't (so far) make out Dexter to be a vigilante. He is a sick person, a man that is empty inside and is a slave to his compulsion to kill. His interaction with the characters around him (other cops and investigators at the Miami PD) keep it light for us viewers. After all, you can't be inside the mind of a killer all the time - its a little depressing. But as Dexter points out early on, "he has learned to fake it." The joking, the friendships - its him, but its not him.

So I look forward to more episodes - I'm already intrigued by Dexter's past, and the "Ice Box Killer." I don't think I'll be caught up on all these shows (Dexter and others) until my son is in college.

You know, prior to DVR and DVD, I never had this problem. Stupid techology! Making my life enjoyable and convenient!! (shakes fist)

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Jimmy said...

A wonderful post!

My reply: first of all the domestics - I have a 9-6 job with only a 10 minute (walking) commute each way...I listen to one of those new fangled MP3 gadgets while I trudge my way to and from the Ministry of Love...

As for Dexter!
Like you I'm hooked, thankfully it is being shown here on ITV and is a must for my viewing agenda now