Friday, April 25, 2008

GDT's Journey to Middle Earth

It's official - GDT will be on his way to Middle Earth soon. Whew....the speculation is over. Congratulations to GDT, Peter Jackson, and all involved in this great undertaking. Guillermo is going to be up to his beard in monsters, fantasy and mythology, and I know for him that is a dream come true.

So what are we fans going to do for three years while GDT is off in New Zealand? Usually these productions are pretty tight-lipped, so it might be kind of quiet around here. We may have to just entertain ourselves for awhile.

For those bored fans out there, I recommend visiting (or TORN for short). They seem to be on top of the latest news, and it might be a good place to start for learning all about the Tolkien mythology. With such amazing coverage at TORN, I am wondering where DTF will find its "niche" for providing fans information. Tolkien has a large, rabid fan base, and given the limited amount of time that I can devote to DelToroFilms (I am a family man with a 9 to 5, after all), it may be hard to keep up. It would be nice to offer something special (news, feature, production blog) that these other sites can't offer.

Well - we do have a sense of "family" here at DTF. A virtual Shire, if you will.

Without the hairy feet (I hope).

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Jimmy said...

I am delighted to see this news confirmed Parker. I can think of no better Director to bring 'The Hobbit' to life. I'll be following developments every hairy step of the way via DTF, of course