Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I Am...Disappointed

I finally watched I AM LEGEND last night, and as you saw from the title of this post, I was a little disappointed.

I read the Richard Matheson book several years ago and really enjoyed it (it IS a classic). So naturally, the ending didn't live up to expectations. I won't spoil it here, but it seems like it would be a good idea to leave the book's ending since it EXPLAINS the title of the film. Everybody asks me why the movie was called I AM LEGEND - and all I can say is, "read the book." It seems like, once again, the studio pushed for the "happy Hollywood ending"- essentially making this film just another run-of-the-mill zombie movie. I encourage everyone to read the Matheson novel - it is much more satisfying.

My other major problem with the film is the CGI zombies. The zombie/vampire/monsters in the film are entirely done in CGI. Too much CGI is always a bad thing for the simple reason that you can't quite make CGI characters look 100% convincing. Gollum from LOTR is the best I've seen with a CGI character, and nobody else has come close. I believe the "scare" factor of this film would have greatly benefited from real actors in makeup - I'm glad GDT shares this philosophy.

I am pleased however that a studio took a chance on a big budget special effects horror movie, though. This film did pretty good at the box office, so I'm hoping that movies like this will open the doors for ATMOM to get made. GDT is insisting on keeping out any "happy Hollywood" ending in ATMOM and - judging from LEGEND - seems to be a just battle.


Jimmy said...

Like you I am a big fan of the classic Richard Matheson book, it sits pride of place on the bookshelves here at Victory Mansions. I was mightily disappointed with the *novel/movie spoilerish bit coming up* upbeat choice of ending for the film as opposed to dystopian climax in the book. I understand from a friend of mine that the DVD carries an alternative ending on there, but more information on that I don't have.

Incidentally, although well adrift from Matheson book's intention, I did watch the 1972 film 'Omega Man' last Sunday night.

Anonymous said...

well... i liked and i'm also a fan of the book. true the ending was pretty meh but i think they did a pretty good job with what the movie was. and it was real neat to hear Mike Patton do the voice work for the monsters. the movie did lose alot of the message that was in the book and that was dissapointing. but thats hollywood

Jimmy said...

And when pray tell, are you going to scribe another Blog-post?
Keep 'em coming Parker!