Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Hobbit Roles for GDT favorites

First, let's get the latest update on The Hobbit out of the way:

April 1, 2008, 9:25am, EDT: No updates at this time.

There, feel better? Reporting on The Hobbit is kind of like being in "the hatch" in LOST - every so often I push a button, a clock resets, nothing happens, and then I wait to push the button again.

But wait...I DO have something to say...from a second hand source...with an ever-so-tiny tidbit of information...that might occur...if GDT signs on to direct...which he hasn't....yet....

My source, a lovely lady from the DTF message boards, says GDT has a few roles in mind for Doug Jones in The Hobbit, and also has a role in mind for Mr. Ron Perlman. Ha ha! Let the speculation again!!!

Just for fun, here is where I would like to see these actors if The Hobbit gets greenlit with GDT in the chair...which it hasn't....yet:

Ron Perlman

Smaug: I hear Ron Perlman's voice in my head when I read Smaug's dialogue in the book. His deep, intimidating vocal chords would serve the dragon well.

Beorn: Half bear- half man. Beorn has that "intimidating presence," but can also be a good guy. And he can put the beat down on pesky Wargs. Although I picture Beorn in my head to look like Hagred from the Harry Potter books - count on GDT to go in a completely different direction, which is why Ron is my choice for this character.

Doug Jones

The Great Goblin: Dougie would be perfect for this underworld monster. Pencil him in...with ink!

Spider of Morwood: Wouldn't it be cool to see Doug do motion capture animation on this creature? Totally. Sweet. Pencil him in....with ink!

Galion: The drunken elf that allows the dwarves to escape. Heck, it would just be fun to see Doug with very little prosthetics, outside of some pointy ears. And this could be a fun, comedic role for him - I love it!

But alas, my musings above are mere speculation...or conjecture....well, maybe not conjecture, but definitely speculation. Oh, well....

Status on The Hobbit as of April 1, 2008, 9:37am, EDT: No update.

Pushes button. Clock resets.



Maurice said...

I think Doug's motion capture prowess would be better suited for Smaug. I don't know how Spider animations would really be served by using a human, versus keyframe animation.

Heck, as I think about it, neither would Smaug.

I think that means my vote is for Doug in human form.

Helen said...

However, it must be kept in mind that Doug has not done motion capture in ANY film to date - his forte is working under extreme prosthetics, not in a mo-cap suit.

But I agree with Maurice - I'd love to see Dougie out of the rubber suits and show us the phenomenal actor underneath.

Jimmy said...

I'm glad that others have taken up the baton here on the excellent blog resource 'The Labyrinth'. Maurice makes an excellent assesment ably seconded by Helen, Doug gets my vote for a human appearance!

As for Mr Perlman, he's the best for any role - the guy's a giant!
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