Monday, April 28, 2008

HBII Viral Marketing, Part 1

The viral marketing campaign for HELLBOY 2 is in full swing right now, so I thought I would guide you through a few of the sites, and perhaps tease some information out of them. Today we are starting with the granddaddy of all the sites -

HETFET, or Humans for the Ethical Treatment of Fairies, Elves and Trolls, first popped up on our radar after the full-length theatrical trailer showed up at the official Hellboy 2 site.

The members of HETFET are serious about "protecting the rights" of these fantasy creatures and are looking for volunteers to take action. You can support their cause by uploading pictures and videos of your protests and demonstrations, or purchasing "Save the Trolls" T-shirts.

The most significant part of the HETFET site is the Breaking News sections, which so far has reports on the following:

  1. The Secret Device is a mysterious portal tool for unlocking secret messages - and leading true HETFET activists to important internet locations. Click on over and see. Many of the sites that are held by the secret device will be discussed in later posts.
  2. Augustine Pharmaceuticals unveils anti-aging wonder drug. The drug is called Uthyntrol - and it seems to be the new fountain of youth, but how is it made? HETFET has their suspicions - could this new wonder drug be produced through unlawful fantasy creature testing? Only time will tell...

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