Monday, April 28, 2008

HBII Viral Marketing, Part 2

Behold the Secret Device!

A magical tool that seems to be used by HETFET activists, this device is used to covertly transmit http messages.

Enter the date of the HBII premiere and you get a message that spells out:

This is a blog by fairy lover, Lexi Lloyd - she's a bubbly little character, ain't she? Watch the videos and you will see she has found a cat with a nametag that says, "Mr. Omatta 12-23-44".

12-23-44 is Hellboy's birthday (on Earth). Mr Omatta is the name of a psychic of the BPRD. Enter Hellboy's birthday in the Secret Device and you find a new site:

Also, I forgot to mention there is a site out there for Uthyntrol, the anti-aging drug:

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Jimmy said...

I can't keep up!